Basic Pumpkin Bread

pumpkinbreadDo you believe in the magic of the holidays? I have always enjoyed Christmas probably more than I should, but this holiday season seems a little extra special for me. I don’t know why?

Everything feels simpler. Less dramatic, complicated, and time consuming. Slowly things are starting to fall into place one by one.

And speaking of simple, this cake could not be any less dramatic, effortless, or elaborate. I found the recipe in Gelson’s weekly flyer. The recipe is so easy to put together that you’ll cry …tears of happiness that is.

It has a delightfully bold pumpkin taste. I think walnuts, dark chocolate chunks, cranberries, or even a nice white chocolate glaze would make this lovely cake extra special.

The recipe doesn’t call for any add-ins but I think the batter would hold up well to one or two additions of your choice. This is a wonderful base for any pumpkin bread lovers!