Caramel Cake

caramelcakeIn a recent email to a good friend, I mentioned that I felt like I was transitioning into a “women”. For most of my adult life I championed the phrase “…I do not wish to be married nor saddled down with children. I want to travel on whim and enjoy a selfish single life.” I went out of my way to date men that felt as I did. And for many years I did exactly that; moving from one city to another. Enjoying life as a single gal in the big city.

Then one day, I met a man who was strong, silent, and shared many of personal interests. After meeting said person, I felt as if my loving one person for a moment was not enough. I wanted someone in my life who shared my dark almond eyes, the dimples in my cheeks, and his crooked smile. Even after said person departed my life, I was still left the feeling of wanting a husband and a family of my very own.

One day during lunch, I told my friend A. (who is a psychology major) about how I felt. She jokingly responded with, “It’s simple biology. Some men exude a scent that screams ‘…I make good babies!’ And women are drawn to them without even realizing why.”

So, I find myself here …scared and excited about becoming a woman who wants a marriage, a husband, and children. I never thought I would want to be one of “them”-a wife, a mother, and lover. From what I hear, it’s a fantastic “club” to join. In the meantime, maybe I can lure him in with caramel cake?