Choose a fantastic banquet hall for a fantastic wedding reception

banquet halls in ChicagoOne of the major decisions facing soon to be husbands and wives is where to hold the reception. Obviously if you would like a fantastic and memorable wedding day, you need to ensure that you select a fantastic wedding venue or banquet hall. Since there are so many banquet halls in Chicago, it is important to do your research before picking the right venue for your needs. In fact, the selection of the banquet hall can be critical for wedding guests talking about your wedding for some months after the actual event. Your first issue is deciding on the budget and the number of guests, as this will inform your initial short listing of banquet halls.


Although some banquet halls can seat up to 800 guests, you need to make sure that your venue can accommodate the number of guests and still have enough space for a dance floor and enough space for proper seating and space around the seating. Another aspect to consider is whether to serve your own food, as some banquet halls only allow catering from their own kitchens. Also, by using on site caterers you can minimize the effort involved in preparing the food and keeping it warm. However, on site caterers are more costly, so you need to make a choice between cost and convenience.