Dubturbo allows you to make some sick beats

beat makerDubturbo is a premier beat maker that empowers the user to create mind altering beats. Electronic music is one of the fastest growing industries of our time, capitalize on it and be part of a new sensation by adding your own music to the world. R&B, hip hop, and any genre you can think of are supported by this beat maker as well. This digital music production software is easy to use, presenting its tools in an intuitive and direct layout. Indicating all the information you need on the home screen, and more in-depth areas are only a click away. In Dubturbo you have the option to change the beats per minute, or BPM, to whatever speed you like.


Varying BPMs let you create slow dance tunes or aggressive and lively tunes. Having a feature such as this is essential in designing the perfect feel for your music. The music is presented in bar format, letting the owner watch the song progress like many renowned composers who prefer this style of progression. One of the selling points that Dubturbo prides itself on is its fast learning curve. If you’ve searched for a beat making studio, you know that there are quite a few different programs of music software out there.


Through the intuitive design of Dubturbo users really do master it faster than competing software. This can make all the difference as some users of other programs will often get discouraged by the time it takes to learn how to create a song and often give up before being able to create a decent tune. Through using Dubturbo, this problem is eliminated and you can turn the music in your head into real tunes for the world to listen to.