Fresh Apple Cake

freshapplecakeI was born and raised in the Midwest and try to live my life by showing appreciation for the simple things like: good food, health, love of family, and friends. And maybe it’s those Midwestern values that draw me towards blue collar pastries.

For example, my father worked the steel mills of East Chicago until he retired. Our family was never one for fancy cakes and such. My favorite childhood memories involve cold winter mornings, hot cups of coffee, and splendid coffee cakes. I can still remember my mom telling me to add more milk to my coffee because it was too dark. I still enjoy coffee cake to this day, but the portions are smaller and occur less frequently.

I recently baked this lovely cake that is spiked with fresh apples, dark raisins, and walnuts. It’s incredibly moist, hearty, and fills one’s kitchen with a wonderful autumnal scent. It is a magnificent cake to start the morning off with, whether one drinks coffee or not.

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