Fresh Pineapple Cake

pineapplecakeMost of the things in my life are analyzed, researched, and all consequences are weighed. Because of this quirk I am extremely neat and organized (I think this is why I enjoy baking so much) person. Also, I am usually a leader rather than a follower. Except when it comes to my personal life.

…Ah, the part of my life that is riddled with weaknesses. If you know me you’re probably saying “…What??!! You’re not weak.” But I am. You see, I have never told another person that I loved them even when I did.

For instance, one person in particular told me he loved me only after knowing me for a couple weeks. In response to his declaration of love, I said “…how can you love me when you know so little about me?” (It would have been an incredibly romantic moment except for the fact that I ruined it be questioning his love for me.) In turn he responded with “What I know about you so far I love…”

My question to you is “…What is real/true love? And what does it feel like?” Is there a magical moment when true love smacks you in face and you realize …holy crap I’m in love? Now that I have divulged all my insecurities the one thing I am confident about is how delicious and incredibly easy this pineapple crumb cake is.

It’s a beautiful and tasty coffee cake to serve to holiday visitors. Also, it freezes well and the flavors of the cake intensify amazingly well after a day. Just dust the cake with a touch of powdered sugar before serving to make it a true coffee crumb cake.