Getting fit for mountain biking

You may have bought the best mountain bike for your budget, but are you truly ready to hit the trails? Some may say that mountain biking is actually a terrible way to get fit, and we often see one of the biggest mistakes that people make when getting into mountain biking is to think that it is a great way to get into shape.

In fact, this problem can be seen throughout all sports and the fitness world in general, the concept that getting into or playing a sport is how people can get into shape. The reality is that fitness levels and fitness honing work out much better when you have a base level of fitness going into trail riding and it becomes a way to apply and hone your fitness.

Below are some top tips to getting fit for mountainbiking:

Avoid being just a weekend warrior

When it comes to improving your fitness, consistency is the key. There is no use just going once a week (usually on the weekend) and expect your fitness levels to improve. A minimum of four quality sessions per week will give you much better improvements than one long slog that leaves you needing the week to recover.

Proper rest is crucial

To improve your fitness our body needs cyclical periods of both stress and then recovery. The stress can come from any form of physical exertion, whilst rest is usually completed during sleep or other periods of inactivity. Both are equally important to improving fitness levels, so you should sleep well and have at least one full rest day per week.

Changing up the routine

Doing the same specific ride on a consistent basis, week in and week out means your body will eventually plateau and will not improve your fitness levels. By progressing your training intensity and volume, your fitness levels will keep improving.