Lacoste becoming a leader in womens polo shirts

Polo shirts for womenOther brands may have been instrumental in pushing fashion conscious consumers to adopt the polo shirt as an everyday item, that could be worn both on the sports fields as well as in the office environment, but it was the Lacoste brand that truly brought womens polo shirts into the mainstream. The iconic crocodile, which is the easily recognizable logo adorned on all Lacoste products, has taken the polo shirts and re-defined the look for most women. In fact, finding the perfect polo shirt has become so much easier with the release of the 2012 range of Polo shirts from Lacoste.


No longer are polo shirts simply the domain of the male golf clubhouse, as polo shirts for women are becoming all the rage. The French powerhouse brand has taken control of the brand in the US since 1993, and with it has released a number of fresh and crisp designs that are sure to please most women. Taking a look at the latest designs, you will soon realize that the fashion team at Lacoste has got it spot on. And this is not only for the women’s range of polo shirts, but also applies to the mens range as well. Lacoste is really becoming the leader in womens polo shirts.