The history of the terrarium

TerrariumThe history of the terrarium can be traced back to the early 1800s, when a physician by the name of Nathaniel Ward, who was also a keen botanist by the way, was busy attempting to grow a fern in a glass jar. What he noticed astounded him, in that the fern was actually flourishing as it was sealed off from the polluted London air. This gave rise to the so-called Wardian case, which is actually the precursor to the terrarium. These type of miniature botanical gardens have long been seen in elementary school classrooms, but nowadays they have gained favour with all artistic types as well as those botanists with a penchant for design.


The terrarium has definitely evolved since the days of the large fish tank looking structures. In fact, terrariums these days look nothing like those kitsch miniature greenhouses that were mass produced and sold in the latter 70s and early 80s. Terrariums have now evolved to being more than just a hobby, and although you can make your own, many online stores are now specialising in the sale of that perfect terrarium for you. In fact, if you would like to start up a hibby with your teenage child, planting an easy to care for terrarium is a perfect project to undertake. This will also get them interested in botany and plant species and basically bring the joy of the outdoors into your home.