There is no need to settle for mainstream commercial hotels

Boutique hotels chicagoIf you are considering taking a break to the windy city, Chicago has some of the finest boutique hotels in the country and often you can get the same five star treatment at a fraction of the cost of similar hotels in New York or Vegas. While boutique hotels have typically been associated with ‘well to do tourists’, trends have shown that even budget conscious travellers are becoming lured by the charm and exclusive services provided by these hotels. Choosing a luxury hotel in Chicago is easy and depends on the location and ‘feel’ you are after. Researching your options using the internet should greatly assist in this regard. Once you find a boutique hotel in Chicago that you are interested in staying in, you should take note that a short notice reservation is unlikely to secure you a booking.


Most boutique hotels have a limited amount of rooms, averaging out around 25 to 50 rooms with some being extremely exclusive with only three or four rooms to stay in. So if you are looking to stay in the numerous boutique hotels in Chicago, the city has many to offer. It may not be your cheapest option but well worth the money spent. With the personalised service and the amenities boutique hotels provide, there is no need to settle for mainstream commercial hotels when visiting Chicago, whether it is for business or pleasure.