Wheat Germ Granola

wheatgermgranolaAt times I am amazed at the prices grocery stores charge for certain types of food. For example, on one recent shopping trip, I picked up a tub of yogurt and decided that fresh fruit and granola would be a nice add-in. Down the cereal aisle I went and was shocked to see a price tag of $6 for a small box of granola.

When I lived in California granola was everywhere at every price range. Yes, I knew then that it could be made relatively cheaply but even at Whole Foods it was still reasonably priced. Hence, I never made granola. Until now.

Since moving to Texas I have discovered that a lot of foods I took for granted in California are not available or severely over priced. The price of gluten free bread would make anyone have a stroke. Do Texans not like wheat germ, flax seed, or soy products? It’s gotten to the point that I am planning a trip to San Antonio (4 hours away) to visit the nearest Whole Foods. I know …drama.

Where was I? Ah, the granola. This recipe is a great first time granola recipe. It’s easy, basic, and substitutions are welcomed. It makes a ton of crunchy granola so either be prepared to eat or share with friends. I opted to share.

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